Wise One

Wise one old

Wise one young

Name Wise One
Kanji 老賢者
Gender Male Male
Race Human
Eye color Blue
Hair color White (old)
Grayish-Brown (young)
First Appearance
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The Wise One, typically referred to by the young Hero as Gramps and formerly known as the Magician, was once a member of the Female Hero's party along with Swordsman (who would come to be known "Archer" and later, "Butler") and Archer.

After the deaths of the Female Hero and Archer following an incident where the transport device went awry, his status was unknown until he found the new Hero, and trained his powers.




At some point in time, the Wise One met a young Hero and raised him (either before or after the death of Hero's parents, if he even had any—the Wise One mentions that the cairn was empty). He taught Hero all the magic he knew, while Hero's skill with the sword seems to have been an innate ability he had. When asked by Hero why he couldn't go to the city, the Wise One responds that a wolf (the Hero) couldn't live among sheep (regular humans). While Hero didn't understand then, after his first experience with high society, he quickly understands what the Wise One meant.

Some time later, sensing that his time has come, the Wise One imparts one final lesson to Hero: "You mustn't expect anything. But... you should grant and seize it. Your friends... the people important to you... and the time you're granted must be used in a meaningful way. On the journey into darkness you will one day take... All you can take with you are memories. Have hope... in your story that will someday begin." After that, he dies with Hero crying in his arms.