• Hey everyone! This wiki has become one of those old forgotten wikis. Many people haven't edited it in awhile and the admins have been gone for a long time. I however will get this wiki back up and running! This wiki will shine so bright the Demon King will eyes would burn. (Actually maybe not eye burning bright but still pretty bright.) 

    This isn't my first adoption (and it probably won't be my last) but I'm aiming to make old forgotten wikis great and informative (like a wiki should be). This anime has great locations that haven't had pages yet. The story is so great and this wiki can show how great Maoyu is! If you all can help with constructing this wiki this wiki would really appreciate it! I can also help you guys as well! I may be new on this wiki but I know a good amount about the wiki business! So if you need help just drop a message on my message walls at this message wall or this message wall.

    If I get my adoption wiki supported you bet that a good amount of things might change here but not so much that it totally flips this wiki 180 degrees. Thanks to all the past wiki editors and admins for creating/editing/cleaning/adding/etc. to this wiki. I plan on making this wiki the greatest with you all to help me too! You created the way I'm just going to beautify it and with you all to help me I can do my very best. Thank you Everyone!

    ~Emilysara (Questions?) 04:14, September 10, 2017 (UTC)

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