Name Red
Gender Female Female
Race Human
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
First Appearance
Manga Gaiden chapter 3
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Red (赤) is a character only seen in Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Side-Story: The Sleepy Female Magician. She is a member of the Magic Association that Female Magician came from, and views herself as a "true hero" where Female Magician is a "failure" (for running away from the Association).


Red color

Red on the cover of Volume 4

Despite being Female Magician's "younger sister," she seems to be physically older. Red has a tall, slim body with a sizeable bust and rather showy clothing. As her name implies, her clothing is almost all red, and she has brown hair and green eyes.


Red is very confident in her abilities, and is completely loyal to the Magic Association due to her brainwashing by the Archbishop. She has rather childish reactions to her surroundings in spite of her appearance, and Female Magician sees her as naive and sheltered.


Red first appears in the Demon World, killing the member of the Machine Clan that Female Magician was trying to gather information from. She quickly indicates that she is from the Magic Association by calling Female Magician by her former name, "Silver." After that, she reveals that she has been sent to eliminate the "stain" of the Magic Association and attempts to kill her. However, Female Magician sees through Red's technique and overpowers it, forcing Red to retreat.