Human and Demon knights clashing each other in the Fifteen Year Human-Demon War

The Fifteen Year Human-Demon War is a massive war between the Humans and Demons that, as its name suggests, has raged over fifteen years. It is not the first war between Humans and Demons, however, simply the most current one.


This war was instigated and triggered by the Blue Demon Clan and the Central Nations in order gain profit from the war effort from both sides.

During the WarEdit

At the time when the war began, many human nations were united under a single banner, so did the demon clans and fought countless battles that took many lives and destroyed lands.

Eventually, the human expedition was sent forth into the Demon realm where they successfully captured Gateway City after a long siege and established it as humanity's stronghold. However, the demons captured Aurora Island in return.

Through it, the demon forces attacked the Southern Nations and fought numerous skirmishes with the human troops of those kingdoms, thus chaos ensued.

Economic AnalysisEdit

The war keeps humanity bound together as when they fight a common enemy (Demons) they also share each others resources and wealth. However, this has not helped the situation of poorer countries on a permanent standpoint. Once the war is over, many of the poorer countries will go back to famine and starvation.