Female Hero
Female hero
Name Female Hero
Kanji 女勇者
Gender Female Female
Race Human
Hair color Brown
First Appearance
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The Female Hero was the predecessor to Hero. Her party consisted of Magician, Swordsman, and Archer. During a battle, both she and Archer met their untimely demise, leaving Swordsman (who would come to be known as Archer and Butler after this) and Magician (who became Hero's mentor) with their legacies.




Female Hero and her party were beset by assassins sent by the Holy Church, much to their bewilderment. Swordsman and Archer decided to fight them off while Magician and Female Hero escaped, but the two returned to save them after the assailant took a princess hostage. Overwhelmed by the enemies summoned by their attackers, Female Hero managed to teleport Swordsman and Magician to safety, but lacked the magical energy for herself and Archer. The two stayed behind to fight off their enemies and perished. Swordsman blamed himself for the failure, and it caused a permanent rift between him and Magician. The two never met again after that.


  • Like several other Maoyu characters, she bears a resemblance to characters in Mamare Touno's later work, Log Horizon. In her case, she bears a physical similarity to Kanami. She seems to play a role to Archer akin to the role Kanami plays for Shiroe, and both rather abruptly leave the men's lives (though Kanami simply moved away while Female Hero died).