Central Continent

The Central Continent is a peninsula of human nations in the north of the Southern United Kingdoms. It is also the main location of the Church.


During the Fifteen Year Human-Demon War, the Central Continent provided massive military assistance to the Southern United Kingdoms to drive back Demon invasions and launched Holy Crusades into the Demon Realm where its armies captured Gate City. Although despite that, the Central nations grew prosperous while the Southern counterparts suffered greatly from pressure of its northern neighbors and demon attacks until Crimson Scholar's revolutionary ideas changed all that.


  • Kingsland
  • Sand Dune Nation
  • Rock Shore Nation
  • Violet-Bannered Queensland
  • Oak Nation
  • Maple Nation
  • Kingfisher Nation
  • Lake Nation
  • Copper Nation
  • Reed Nation
  • Mountain Nation
  • Bull Neck Nation
  • Bell Nation
  • Fog Nation